Stomach flu is a very annoying condition because you are not only going to feel pain on the stomach but also other symptoms and illness like diarrhea. These symptoms greatly affect your activities and in cases of children, it affects their studies. While stomach flu can be treated and prevented and may not be a serious condition, because it is annoying, people are hoping that there is some sort of vaccine that could help block stomach flu from their system. Just like the usual shots you take when you were younger, a stomach flu vaccine is supposed to work like a shot as well to keep your immune system strong. But the question of whether such vaccine exists still remains.

Actually, there is a similar vaccine called the stomach bug vaccine which is deemed as treatment for stomach flu rotavirus. It is also said to be effective when it comes to preventing stomach flu and its symptoms like diarrhea, infections, etc. However, the problem with this stomach bug virus is its availability as it is said to be available only for infants 1 year below. Since there are lots of stomach flu viruses, other stomach bug vaccine have no sure relation to the treatment and prevention of norovirus. The stomach flu vaccine is currently being researched so even if there is no surefire stomach flu vaccine yet, it doesn’t mean there never will be.

How about the flu vaccine?

A common question asked by a lot of people concerned is whether the flu vaccine can be used as a stomach flu vaccine. They do have a point in asking such a question since both are flu. However, stomach flu is different from the typical flu you experience. This does not mean it is literal flu that simply transferred to the stomach area. Rather, it is called flu because it refers to a condition that upsets the stomach just like how influenza gets you down. Influenza virus is different from the norovirus that causes stomach flu; thereby the flu vaccine cannot be typically used to protect you from stomach flu.

Still, even if there is no definite stomach flu vaccine yet, there are still several ways by which you can prevent stomach flu from attacking your body. These ways can serve as your natural stomach flu vaccine.

  • Wash your hands well. With the use of soap and water, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after you touched contaminated items especially before you touch food. You can also used hand sanitizers to free your hands from whatever virus is contained there that might make its way to your body through your hands.
  • Wash the food you eat such as fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. well. Before you eat raw fruits and vegetables, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned as well as make sure that before you cook the meat, you also wash it well.Avoid “over-leftover” foods and foods that are not cooked well. These foods may acquire harmful virus and bacteria already as well as foods that are not cooked well could still leave traces of harmful bacteria in them.

The Hope for a Stomach Flu Vaccine

A research is currently conducted by the US government with regards to developing a reliable and definite stomach flu vaccine already. This is because of the alarming number of norovirus victims regardless of their age as well as a significant number of deaths related to this virus. According to researchers, the development of this vaccine may be difficult but it sure produced positive and promising results. So, while stomach flu vaccine is yet to be developed, the best thing to do now is to avoid this condition by applying the above-mentioned preventive measures.



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