Vibrio is strain of bacteria that can be found in warm and temperate marine environments all across the globe. The most popular strain of bacteria is V.Cholerae, i.e. the bacterium that causes cholera. Cholera causes some grave health problems globally and constant effort is being made to combat the disease. Scientific research and findings on cholera have now developed a theory know as the germ theory pertaining to the disease.

About the Vibrio bacteria

The Vibrio strain of bacteria is gram negative and need a saline environment to survive; though some species of the bacteria can survive in non-saline environments as well. They are anaerobic by nature and do not need oxygen to survive. These bacteria are characterized by enhance motility levels and possess a tiny flagella that helps them to move around quickly. The Vibrio strain of bacteria is either comma or s-shaped.


A variety of Vibrio bacterial strains are bioluminescent and cause a wide range of gastrointestinal symptoms in infected persons. Some of these bacterial strains are zoonotic as well that allow them to move between species to ensure distribution on a wide platform. This also implies that vibrio bacteria strains can be transferred from animals to human beings. For an instance, shellfish at times is found to house vibrio bacteria strains that may cause infections in people on coming in contact.

Apart from causing gastrointestinal infections, this bacterium strain also causes skin infections. It enters the body and bloodstream through open and untreated wounds, which causes septicemia. People whose immunity system are compromised or have low immunity levels are susceptible to serious infections from the bacterium strain.

Transmission and prevention

It has also been observed that several species and strains of the vibrio strain of bacteria are food borne, i.e. they get transmitted through consumption of food or when a person comes in contact with food products. Apart form this, vibrio bacterial strains generally survive in marine and aquatic environments and hence can be transmitted through water as well.  Thus contaminated water supplies are a prime source of acquiring the bacteria. Unclean sewage systems account for a good number of vibrio bacterial strain infections.

The next aspect of this bacterium strain is that they can go into a state of dormancy if conditions are not favorable. Thus in climate extremes such as cold winter months, vibrio bacterial strains enter a state of dormancy and resurface in the warmer months. This dormancy aspect of the bacteria species makes it difficult to eradicate. Vibrio infections can be combated effectively with medical treatment and antibiotics.

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