Your precious hands can be the perfect passageway for bacteria, viruses and other germs to enter your body and cause harm inside it. This is why, it is important to wash your hands all the time whether before eating and especially when you come in contact with dirty and contaminated things. However, handwashing is not enough to protect you and prevent the spread of infection. Rather, it takes proper handwashing.

Proper handwashing is a technique applied to effectively keep your hands clean. Proper handwashing refers to the right procedure of washing your hands so that they are kept safe and free from germs.

The Importance of Proper HandwashingWashing Hands

There is a great importance of proper handwashing than merely washing your hands.

  • It kills germs effectively. You can wash your hands all the time but that does not mean you can kill germs effectively. Proper handwashing is a handwashing technique that effectively kills germs so your hands are sure to be safe and clean.
  • It keeps away all kinds of germs that can cause harm to the body. There are many types of germs but only proper handwashing can keep all these germs away. It ensures that all the areas on your hands where germs can hide are cleaned.
  • It prevents the spread of infection. Proper handwashing not only keeps your hands clean and safe for your own sake. Rather, it also prevents you from spreading infection to other people especially to your family.

How to Perform Proper Handwashing Technique

It is easy to apply proper handwashing. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare warm water. It is okay to wash your hands with cold water but if you can prepare warm water for handwashing, it is better. This is because warm water can effectively kill germs more than cold water.
  2. Prepare and use a mild soap. When washing your hands properly, use a mild soap. You can also use antibacterial soaps. The good thing about mild soap is that it is not harsh to your skin and cannot cause rashes and other diseases to your skin. Antibacterial soap can also help kill germs.
  3. Wash all hand areas. This refers to washing all areas of the hand and not only the surface. Wash the fingertips, the area between your fingers and even all the way to the wrists. Germs can reside on areas that are hidden where you do not expect them to hide.
  4. Work lather for 10-15 seconds. Do this with a rubbing motion. This will ensure that you are cleaning your hands well.
  5. Rinse thoroughly and well. Rinse your hands using running water and make sure you rinse all the areas completely.

These tips can also help you beat germs through proper handwashing.

Just because you did not come in contact with contaminated things and dirty items or just because you did not leave your home, does not mean you don’t need to wash your hands properly already. Remember that germs cannot be seen by the naked eye as well as germs can be carried around by other factors like air so they could touch your skin, hair, etc. Simply scratching your scalp and other parts of the body can also invite germs to your hands. So make sure you apply proper handwashing whether you are at home or not.

Simply soaking your hands in water is not enough to keep away germs or kill them. They can just contaminate the water and then swim back to your hands. As mentioned, germs cannot be seen by the naked eye so it is important to always be sure by applying the proper hand washing technique.

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