Cryptosporidium is a highly contiguous parasite that can attack both animals and humans. This virus is believed to contaminate uncooked foods, soils, water, etc. It also exists in the feces of humans and animals. According to the health experts, there exist different strains of this parasite. Amongst them, C. parvum is the prime cause of intestinal infection in the human beings. When it comes to combating this virus you need to first know the following essential facts about the virus.


The thumb rule for fighting an enemy is proper identification. The same rule is applicable for this pathogen as well. People infected with this parasite generally experience watery diarrhea that may persist for several weeks. Persons with weak immunity systems, like the children, old people and people suffering from diseases such as HIV, cancer are more prone to the attacks of this pathogen.


How does Cryptosporidium spread?

This pathogen can spread amidst animals and people in a number of ways. The parasite can get transmitted by ingesting infected foods and fluids, swimming in water infected with this virus and so on. It can also get transmitted by coming in close proximity with infected people, especially their mouth or face. Further, the virus can also spread from infected animals, especially from their young ones.

Treatment of the symptoms

Basically, there is no precise treatment for this parasite. The watery diarrhea and adverse effects of the virus generally continues for days long. After which it starts to heal by itself. Healthy people with strong immune generally recover with minimal treatment.

However, people with weak immune may require medication and therapies to recover soon. Anti-retroviral drugs and anti-parasitic drugs are some of the popular medications that are recommended by most physicians in such cases.


“Prevention is better than cure” – this is quite true in the case of cryptosporidium outbreaks. Therefore, always thoroughly wash your clothes and hands regularly to avert the spread of the parasite. Swimming in the chlorinated water is also recommended.

Wash your hands carefully after handling the domestic and farm animals, especially the newborn babies. I would also suggest you to avoid kissing your pets or domestic animals.

Use filtered water while going for tour in the wilds or abroad.

So, do not throw caution to the winds but carefully follow the above mention tips to effectively combat the cryptosporidium infection.


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