About the Aeromonas bacteria

The Aeromonas bacteria strain is found in fresh water. It has been observed that this bacterium genus causes wound infections and food borne illnesses. Research is still being conducted extensively on the behavioral patterns and effects of this species of bacteria. The exact mechanisms were not really known till this year of 2011.

The Aeromonas bacterium is rod shaped and is gram negative. This implies that the bacterial cells display a reddish appearance after undergoing a staining process known as the Gram stain in scientific terminology. The Gram stain staining process assists in the identification process of identifying one or more bacterial strains based on cell wall thickness. This bacteria strain or species can survive in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, i.e. in the presence and absence of oxygen. This bacterium genus does not produce spores during unfavorable conditions and harsh or extreme environments.


The Aeromonas bacteria species is widely found in fresh water bodies and sources. Thus rivers, fresh water lakes, drinking water, sea water and sewage are important locations and sources of the bacteria strain. The bacteria initiate the formation of a sticky bacterial layer on the surface water storage sources and piping systems. The summer season enhances the growth and activity of Aeromonas bacteria. Thus the hot season is a witness to an enhanced number of bacterial infections as compared to the colder season.

Symptoms of Aeromonas bacterial infection

In the course of research and findings, it has been discovered that apart from fresh water sources, the bacteria is also found in feces of persons suffering from diarrhea.  Symptoms of Aeromonas bacterial infection include loose stool with blood and extreme diarrhea. Once you acquire an Aeromonas bacterium strain infection, toxins start to attack blood cells. The findings of the present year 2011 state that the bacterium transmits water borne and air borne diseases. Young children and adults having low levels of immunity are prone to acquire Aeromonas bacteria related infections. If the infection is not serious, it usually subsides on its own and medication isn’t required; but a serious attack may call for immediate medical attention and care. A serious infection may lead to blood poisoning.

The food sources that can be a medium of acquisition of the bacterium strain into the body are shellfish, fish, lamb, beef ad poultry. But scientific research mentions that not all Aeromonas bacterial strains are liable to cause illness and disease. Swimming also can cause you to acquire the bacterium strain through an open wound. Other serous forms of Aeromonas infection include meningitis, colitis and cellulitis. All of these can be treated and cured with the help of antibiotics.

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